Design the apron of the future.

Six Industrial Design & Engineering Students from Delft University of Technology, working for KLM in order to optimize "below the wing" operations.

Our Own Stories

Six students, three different specializations. A vast amount of experience.
Strategy & Branding | Dominy & Max

We are Max and Dominy and we like to think ahead. Looking for real product designers? That’s not us! We focus on the fuzzy front end. We bring design thinking, visual thinking and project management skills to the table. Worried about your brand image? Let us help. We like the bigger story, the context, the service. We connect all stakeholders and make everybody understand one another. Our visual design skills help everyone communicate with each other; whether this is to understand the problem or explain the solution.

Strategy & Branding | Dominy & Max -
Interaction & Vision | Ewoud & Jiamin

Hi I’m Jiamin, I love photographing objects with circles, and I am active on Instagram as a ‘circle lover’. And I love interesting design activities, like cutting and pasting and make collages. My design style is sometimes ‘childish’, I draw round-shape design ideas and cute characters in my storyboard. And I am Ewoud, but I’m not that much interested in circles. I like people! Not in the hippie sense of the word, more in the cultural context where products are embedded and used by all kinds of people. Finding meaning and understanding deeper-lying motivations of humans in our world is what drives me most.

Interaction & Vision | Ewoud & Jiamin -
Engineering & Detailing | Vincent & Niels

As an Integrated product designer, I, Vincent van der Voort prefer working on elaborated concepts and like the technical side of design, but I never shy away from a challenging and very open design project. Within Industrial design I am primarily interested in the Automotive sector, taking the Automotive master track classes and currently working for an Automotive-related company. Then there is me, Niels Poiesz. After the story you have read previously you might wonder: “What is this guy going to add?” Well apart from some occasional fun I can consider myself an all-rounder. Not specialised in one particular area, but knowing a thing or two in some areas. Though, there are areas that draw my attention. For instance sustainable design. Not meaning that everything should be green or brown, but I should really be a good addition to world. Not just another tel-sell invention.

Engineering & Detailing | Vincent & Niels -

november 13, 2016

Sprint 4 | The Amuse

In short After documenting comes.. presenting. This fourth sprint is both concluding the orientation / objective phase and initiating concept development. It all starts with a presentation for our coaches at the TU and KLM. This presentation is a first grasp into content and can be seen as an amuse, which is followed by the appetizer (concept presentation) and the main course (the final presentation).This presentation aims at a common understanding of our design assignment

oktober 30, 2016

Sprint 3 | Inside Out

In short This sprint was mainly covered by decision making, adjusting details and documenting. In this sprint, we finally made our choice for the design focus – ‘Connected Team’. To go a little bit deeper into this subject, an Interaction vision was created to help determine further design directions, together with the persona which was finished earlier. We also created a scenario to clearly and visually explain the problem we are going to solve. Since

oktober 18, 2016

Sprint 2 | The Final Frontier

In short Again we have just wrapped up another sprint, which was marked by extensive diverging and converging activities. After various interviews and talks with experts in the field of aviation, we have been able to identify two search fields which provide us plenty opportunities to improve and innovate upon. A foundation for the next sprint has been established by creating persona’s and the team vision towards the project, summarizing the common goals. We will

oktober 3, 2016

Sprint 1 | Getting into the groove

In short The first sprint has just been wrapped up! As much information as possible has been gathered to orientate ourselves better on the problem area and the assignment. This sprint was earmarked by doing research in the field, and analyses of both KLM as well as challenges and trends that could have an impact on the aviation industry in the future.Three important findings will be described in short, as we think these have been

september 8, 2016

Fresh news!

The first news post is usually the one with the least special content, but lets make an exception here. WE ARE ECHO! Echo is small group that consists six daring students from the faculty Industrial Design Engineering of the Technical University Delft and probably are going to change the world in some way. For now we are focussing on the Joint Master Project – short JMP. Here students from the three different Industrial Design masters


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